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I’m Kirsti Maula, a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator (Master of Arts, 2010, Aalto University) based in Berlin.
Before the start of Lufu Design I worked for the second largest publishing company in Finland Otava Publishing Company Ltd. (2010–2011), Finland’s largest subscription newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (summer 2010) and BOTH Design Collective (2007–2008).
I have been lucky to have some great clients, and I’m proud of what I have been able to design for them. Please take a look at my portfolio to find out more!
I feel that the most important part of my work is to truly listen to the clients’ needs and communicate their message visually. I think that design is more than just a beautiful surface – it’s a powerful communication tool, and it transforms the way the receiver sees your message. Design is also fun, a creative playground with endless possibilities. I’m very passionate about it, and I love new challenges.

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